Design & Build

Design & Build and Engineering & Build – also known as UAV-GC – are integrated contract forms in which the responsibility for design and execution lies with the contractor.A method that fits Jorritsma Bouw like a glove, as it aids us in our end goal: lessening the burdens on our client. It provides a nice mix between wishes and expectations on the one hand, and building on the other.

Knowledge and creativity

In UAV-GC projects, the client can lay down essential points in a schedule of requirements. At the same time, the knowledge and creativity of our expert team can be fully utilised in the development. One tender for design and execution suffices. The result is a quality product fully tailored to the client’s expectations, wishes, objectives and budget. In addition, we can connect it to a multi-year maintenance plan (MJOP).

One point of contact

Lean working is the starting point for a UAV-GC project. Our carefully composed team will unburden the client as much as possible. Such a team consists, for example, of one or more architects, consultants and an installer. We work together integrally with this team. There is one point of contact for the client: the Jorritsma Bouw project manager.


In UAV-GC projects we work ‘lean’. There are regular planning meetings with our co-makers and we coordinate construction activities. Where possible, we carry out work simultaneously instead of one after the other. We use interface management for this, and ensure that no clashes arise between the interfaces. This ensures a shorter construction time, fewer delivery points, fewer failure costs and lower maintenance costs.

Systems Engineering

In UAV-GC projects we use Systems Engineering (SE). This integrated process and administration support tool provides insight into complex interfaces. In the digital environment, all points from the schedule of requirements are stored and linked to the various building parts in BIM. SE makes it possible to provide insight into the needs of the client throughout the entire process. In this way we prevent miscommunication and ensure consistency between the program of requirements, expectations and implementation.

Engineering & Build

As an experienced builder of utility buildings, we know that material choices and constructions are very decisive for the quality of the work. As a contract holder, we are therefore happy to take care of all preparatory and executive activities and seek cooperation with expert advisers. We think along at an early stage and share our knowledge and experience. This leads to more efficient designs and reduction of construction and final user costs. Financially driven design is one of our specialties. We see it as our task to achieve the highest possible quality within the set frameworks and within the set budget. An interactive process that requires expertise, trust and transparency.