Building a better tomorrow

Sustainability and circularity are important themes for Jorritsma Bouw. As a contractor, we focus on energy saving, reusing materials, and increasing adaptive capacity in the future. The user is always at the center of our efforts in the field of sustainability. That is why affordability, comfort and a healthy living environment are our starting point.

Conscious choices

We like to contribute our expertise from the get-go. After all, conscious choices can still be made in sustainable product use during the idea and design phase. We like to act as a sparring partner in finding sustainability solutions in relation to the total cost of ownership. This way, we offer additional value before the actual construction begins. Our strength lies in out-of-the-box thinking and collaboration, both essential ingredients to achieving optimal results.

proactive environmental policy

We pursue a proactive environmental policy and operate on the basis of an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system. We limit negative environmental effects resulting from our business activities as much as possible:

  • We build with responsible sustainable wood, for example PEFC* and FSC®**. We use materials with high insulation values ​​and encourage the use of innovative, environmentally friendly building materials.
  • We formulate a sustainability ambition for each project in consultation with all parties.
  • All our construction sites work in accordance with our sustainability policy. We sort and recycle waste, among other things, and invest energy in sustainable digitalisation.*Our

*PEFC license code is PEFC/30-32-246

**FSC® license code is C104405


Where possible, we work according to the Cradle-to-Cradle vision. We use materials that are biodegradable or that can be reused after the life cycle of a building without loss of quality. C2C is not just about ‘polluting less’. It is also about being able to really improve or add something, so that our children’s children also have a future.